The Secret About Strawberries

Freshly Picked Strawberries

Freshly Picked Strawberries

Strawberries in-season now…!   Amish families are picking for us daily.

Rush to get yours. Season only lasts about 2 more weeks.

Make your own jams, jellies, preserves, and pies – just to name a few.  Refreshing salads are my favorite on these hot, humid days!

Strawberries are low in calories and a good source of many vitamins and nutrients that a healthy body needs. Strawberries are high in iron and Vitamin C; they also have less than 60 calories per cup. Eight strawberries will provide 14 percent of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C for kids. Strawberries are also a good source of folic acid, fiber, potassium, and cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Strawberries are thought to protect against the decline of the central nervous system in age-related neurodegenerative diseases and to provide benefits to the aging brain. As with other varieties of berries, strawberries have also been shown to protect against cancer. For example, a study out of Cornell University showed strawberries inhibited the proliferation of HepG(2) liver cancer cells, while another study showed isothiocyanates in strawberries inhibited esophageal cancer.

Besides being healthy, strawberries are a very versatile fruit. They can be used in baked goods, salads, beverages, dipped, or eaten plain. The following conversion chart provides useful information when cooking with fresh strawberries.

Frosty Strawberry Squares

1c. flour

¼ c. brown sugar

1 c. chopped walnuts

½ c. butter or margarine, melted

2 egg whites

1 c. granulated sugar

2 c. sliced strawberries

2 T. lemon juice

2 c. whipped cream or whipped topping

Combine flour, brown sugar, nuts and butter. Bake in shallow pan in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Sprinkle 2/3 of the crumbs in a 9×13” pan.

Combine egg whites, granulated sugar, berries and lemon juice. Beat at high speed about 10 minutes.

Fold whipped cream into strawberry mixture. Spoon over crumbs in pan. Top with remaining crumbs. Freeze 6 hours or overnight. Cut into squares. Serve frozen. Will serve about 24 people, 2” squares.

Laverne Pay