Bearing Much Fruit for Jesus

Providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the community since 1932.  Over the years we have received many encouraging words about the work we do and warmth our products bring the homes of our customers.

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I have been shopping at Bowman’s for almost 40 years now and have never been disappointed in the quality of the produce, the goodies the bakery delivers and the varied products that are offered.  Best of all though is the honesty and friendliness of the staff.  ~Elaine Vanderschrier


“When I need fresh, succulent veggies, country fresh bakery, flowers (and not only our favorites but that unusual color or species for that special corner of our garden), Pick-Your-Own fruit (which I never do but the grandkids sure love), magical pumpkins, did I mention the hottest firewood in town – then I go to Hillside. All with such pleasant service you would think you were family – but Hillside does treat everyone like we are family, offering only what they would offer to their loved ones. Our dinner table has been bountiful with food from Judy and Al, that they have lovingly grown, for over 25 years.” – Pat Tilk


“Hillside Orchard has been a perennial favorite of our family since we moved to Hinckley four years ago. We were immediately enthralled by the country ambiance of the store. Dad especially enjoys the fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to these, Mom likes the gourmet foods and spices. The girls, Emily and Julia, of course, go for the hand dipped ice cream and the home made bakery treats. Best of all is the friendly service of Mama Bear, Papa Bear and all the helper Bears.” – The Holmberg Family


“I have been shopping at Hillside Orchard for over 25 years. I look forward to the first and freshest fruits and vegetables at the beginning of each growing season. The bake shop offers a large selection of delicious bakery. The Bowman family and staff are helpful and courteous.” – Pam Dressel

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