School Field Trips

Throughout the months of September and October, Hillside Orchard and Farm Market host over 1400 students.  Schools (homeschools, preschools, daycare, public and parochial) from Greater Cleveland, Akron-Canton and Medina County bring their students to learn first-hand about how food is grown.  Our tour lasts 1 1/2 hours.  The excitement begins as the children enter the farm market to watch the donuts being made – at this point ‘BabyBear’ explains the process. More adventure awaits just outside the market as BabyBear leads the children to the wagon filled with bales of straw, upon which they sit.  The wagon, pulled by a BIG blue tractor, which ‘PapaBear’ drives, takes everyone out to the apple orchard.  On the way we pass the blueberry patch and rows & rows of vegetables.  As the tour continues into the orchard, we stop to look at the bees in their hives.  Bees are always busy.  We talk about apples as we move along.  The trail winds through rows & rows of trees bearing beautiful red, green, and yellow apples.  As we leave the orchard the student’s excitement builds as they see big orange pumpkins in the field ahead of us.  The wagon filled with happy children returns to the big burgundy barn where the wagon tour ends.

As everyone disembarks, our teacher (known as ‘T-bear’) guides the students to the “classroom” where they will learn even more interesting things about fruits and veggies.  Also, they will watch an apple being pealed on the apple peeler.  By this time the children are hungry and thirsty – so it’s time for a cup of fresh sweet apple cider and a donut – one of those they saw being made while in the market at the beginning of the tour.  As the students get back on the bus or into the cars that brought them, each one is given a goodie-bag.  As they peer inside they see an apple, a coloring book and a real pumpkin.  As the vehicles drive away the children are full of chatter and have big smiles as PapaBear waves ‘goodbye’.

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