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Apple Picking

Pick-Your-own will be for 5 weeks beginning Sept. 30 and throughout the Month of October [WEEKENDS ONLY], while the crops last.  We release apple varieties as they ripen, so please choose to come when your favorite will be ready.  Purchase your picking bag at the Farm Market prior to entering the orchard area.   ***Not all varieties will be available from the chart below.

Here is the ripening schedule of each apple variety offered by Hillside Orchard, along with the best way to enjoy each one:

E = Excellent   |   VG = Very Good   |   G = Good   |   F = Fair   |   * = The apple holds its shape well

Approx. Ripening Date
August 20th  Paula Red : semi-tart, crisp VG G G
 Wealthy : tart, semi-firm F G G
September 10th  McIntosh : semi-tart, all purpose VG E F
September 25th  Cortland : semi-tart, tender skin E G E
 Jonee : semi-tart, crisp, juicy E G G
October 1st  Jonathan : semi-tart, crisp E G E
 Red Delicious : sweet, very firm E F
 Greening : tart, rather dry E E*
October 10th  Empire : semi-sweet, crisp E E E
 Golden Delicious : sweet, juicy, semi-firm E E E*
 Regent : sweet, very firm E G E
October 15th  Winesap : semi-tart, spicy, firm E G E*
 Northern Spy : tart, firm, tender skin E E E*
 Mutsu : sweet, crisp, juicy E E E
 Melrose** : semi-sweet, crisp E E E
 Ida Red : tart, crisp G VG E
October 20th  Commander York : semi-tart, very hard E G*
November 1st  Granny Smith : tart, very-firm E E*

** The Melrose was developed at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) in Wooster in the late 1940’s. A cross between Red Delicious and Jonathan, this very popular sweet-tart apple grows better in the upper half of Ohio than anywhere else in the U.S.A.!! What a treat!


Blueberry season typically begins Mid-July through the end of August.  We offer pick-your-own blueberries on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday during our normal farm hours.

Picking these blue ‘gems’ is lots of family-fun AND you get to stand up while you work! We supply the picking pails. ALL you need are your hands. (You may want to bring a belt to hold the pail at your waist).

The health benefits are sunshine while you pick, and the berries are filled with (per cup)… 80 calories, low fat and sodium content, high in vitamin C and manganese (manganese helps the body process cholesterol and nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins). Also an excellent source of dietary fiber and anti-oxidants.

EASY TO FREEZE: Wash, dry, put in containers & place in the freezer.

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    • hillsideadmin15

      Upick Apples finished early this year on the 12th. Many varieties still available in the market. Bag your own for the same cost as upick too.

  1. Hannah Evan

    Are you open for pick your own apples this weekend the 23-25 and what are your prices for apple picking and any other events going on this weekend?

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