Condiments and Spices

Pick up some condiments and/or spices to cook or serve with your next meal.  Hillside’s farm market offers a wide variety of dips, salsas, BBQ and steak sauces, HOT sauces, salad dressings, mustards, unusual pickles and dilled vegetables, and local Raw Honey.

• Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip
• Loco Cheese Dip
• Sweet Onion Relish
• Red Raspberry Pretzel Dip
• Seasoned Mustard (mild or hot)
• Sweet Cucumber Relish

• Vidalia Onion & Tomato
• Vidalia Onion & Mango
• Vidalia Onion & Peach
• Ghost Chili Salsa
• Blazin’ Habanero

Barbecue Sauces:
• Vidalia Onion
• Apple-Cinnamon
• Peach Grilling Sauce

Pancake Syrups
• Local Amish Maple Syrup

Local Raw Honey

Hot Sauces:
• Vidalia Onion & Peach
• Hell’s Habanero

Steak Sauces:
• Vidalia Onion
• Mesquite
• Merlot Wine
• Spicy Cajun

Salad Dressings:
• Raspberry Vinaigrette
• No-Fat Creamy Vidalia Onion
• No-Fat Vidalia Onion Summer Tomato
• Vidalia Onion Red Pepper Jelly Vinaigrette
• Vidalia Onion Creamy Cucumber
• Vidalia Onion Honey Mustard
• Vidalia Onion Peppercorn
• Vidalia Onion Poppy Seed
• Vidalia Onion Apple Pecan

Unusual Pickles
• Bread & Butter Pickles
• Dilled Pickles (in quart jars)
• Dilled Green Beans
• Sweet Fire Pickle Slices
• Pickled Asparagus
• Pickled Beets
• Pickled Carrots
• Spicy Pickled Garlic


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