An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Do you know that apples are a great keeper?  Stored properly and consistently, around 36 degrees with a spritz of water in a sealed plastic bag, will greatly extend their freshness!!

Apples are the number one snack in the world. And researchers now tell us that grandma was right when she said an apple a day would keep the doctor away! The apple is now being called the all-round health food. It has been found that eating apples helps to reduce blood cholesterol, improve bowel function, reduce risk of stroke, prostate cancer, Type II diabetes and asthma. This is due to the fiber and phytonutrients present in the apples.

One medium apple provides 5 grams of dietary fiber, or 20 percent of the recommended intake of fiber. The fiber in apples is a soluble fiber called pectin. Pectin has been shown to be a great cholesterol reducer. Research shows that pectin improves the good cholesterol, or LDL, in cholesterol prone hamsters.

Apples are rich in naturally occurring phytochemicals or flavonoids, compounds that have antioxidant properties.

Flavonoids are believed to reduce the rate of oxidation of harmful low-density lipoproteins in the blood, thereby inhibiting the growth of dangerous plaque along the walls of the blood vessels. Research suggests that flavonoid rich diets protect against heart attacks and strokes.

Apples are known for many potent healing powers and they contain chemicals scientists believe may fight certain types of cancer. The reason appears to be that apples are loaded with natural acids that have successfully blocked cancer formation in laboratory studies.

Apples also contain the antioxidant quercitrin. It is believed that quercitrin may protect the lungs from pollution and cigarette smoke. The antioxidant activity in apples compares favorably with other fruits and vegetables. So biting into a crisp, juicy apple is not only a taste treat, but a health boost as well!

Besides therapeutic benefits, apples are also found to play a role in inhibiting ageing-related problems, preventing wrinkles and promoting hair growth (due to compound named procyanidin B-2).

For those weight-watchers, this is good news as apples are a delicious source of dietary fiber and help to aid digestion and promote weight loss.

Finally, apples are not only a super healing food, but, as nature’s original toothbrushes, they may even prevent cavities, a fact that many of our ancestors probably learned through trial and error, but that modern day researchers have confirmed in the laboratory.

One group of scientists doing a recent study found that apples actually helped clean teeth among a control group of children and therefore significantly cut down on the risk of tooth decay.